Today, I want to talk to you about three major steps you can take to help control your stuttering difficulty.

  1. The first one is analyzing the way you currently stuttering.
  2. The second step is eliminating any unnecessary or abnormal things that you do as a stutterer.
  3. The third step is taking positive actions towards controlling any blocks or behaviors that you do not like as a stutterer.

Have you ever had difficulty introducing yourself to others?

This has been one of the major challenges I faced as a stutterer and did not quite know how to get past it until I started applying Step 1:

Analyzing the way you currently stuttering.

To make a reader of this blog post about three steps to control your stuttering difficulty interested into reading more about analyzing their stuttering behavior.

How Often Do You Analyze Your Stuttering Behavior?

This is what I found in my analysis:

I always found a way to hide my face and look away as I introduce myself to people and it seemed quite odd to many people, including myself.

The only reason I looked away is that I was afraid to embarrass myself in front of people when I introduced myself.Steps To Control Your Stuttering

Looking away and hiding my face was the best way I knew how to avoid embarrassment as I said my name.Steps To Control Your Stuttering

Have you had a similar experience before?

One of the major challenges most stutterer’s face is introducing themselves to others and this was one of my biggest fears. I never realized I was hiding until I started analyzing my stutter. From there, I began taking affirmative action towards eliminating this behavior and it had a significant impact on my life.

This images serves to depict the necessity of eliminating all undesired stuttering behaviors.

How Hard Do You Work On Eliminating Your Stuttering Behavior?

This change gave me the confidence to walk up to people and introduce myself and it made communicating with others a lot easier. Overall, it helped me come across as more trustworthy because I was no longer afraid to embarrass myself and maintained eye contact while talking to people.

Will applying these 3 steps help you with your stuttering?

You can start applying these same steps that helped me gain more confidence, and peace of mind in your day-to-day life and start getting the same results or better.

Here are the steps you can take:

  1. First, analyze your current stuttering behavior.
  2. Second, look at the behaviors that you want to eliminate that are unnecessary or abnormal.
  3. Third and lastly, take positive actions towards eliminating these behaviors that you do not like.
Image is there to remind the reader to take positive action towards speaking without stutter or stammer.

Do You Take Daily Action To Control Your Stuttering Behavior?

Learn how below:

To make this as easy as possible for you. We’ve created a free five-step course that you can access immediately today at Once a day you will receive an email in your mailbox with a video lesson that you can apply and in each lesson will have an opportunity to go out there and apply the 3 significant steps you take to control your stuttering difficulty.

1. Analyzing your current stuttering behavior.
2. Eliminating anything or any behavior that you do not like.
3. Taking positive action towards that particular behavior or block.

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