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Things You Can Change As A Stutterer

Today, I want to share with you 2 things that you can change as a stutterer,This post is all about Behavior And Attitudes Of Stutterers. These two things will help you:
-Reduce the fear you have of stuttering,
-Get more control over the way you currently speak so that you can start seeing more progress with your speech.


 The first thing you can change as a stutterer is your speaking behavior.


What is speaking behavior?


 Speaking behavior is anything that you do when you stutter and this can be different from one person to the next. The way I stutter is vastly different from the way you stutter and it is also different from the way another person stutters. Every stutterer stutter’s in a different way. Therefore, our behaviors can vary from one person to the next.




How do you identify your speaking behavior?


 You can start by reflecting on the last time you stuttered and ask yourself the following questions:


 -Do you cover your face or look away when you speak to someone?


-Do you make facial gestures or physical gestures when you speak?


-Do you avoid conversations or avoid people because of your stutter?


 The questions above touch on a few possible behaviors you can have as a stutter. However, with careful self-analysis, you will be able to identify behaviors specific to you and the way you stutter. Being able to identify these behaviors will give you clarity on what you can change to become a better speaker.BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES OF STUTTERERS


 The next step you can take will be to begin changing the speaking behaviors you find undesirable. Making this change will help to drastically improve the way you talk.Behavior And Attitudes Of Stutterers


Leave a comment below and let us know:


-What are your current speaking behaviors?BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES OF STUTTERER


-Which one of these behaviors do you want to change?BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES OF STUTTERERS

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How To Change Your Stuttering Behavior

The second thing that you can change as a stutterer is your attitude towards stuttering.


 I’ve always had this attitude that I will be stuck with a stutter for the rest of my life and there was no way out. This attitude was not empowering and therefore, I did not take action to improve my speech for over 20 years until I came across other stutters who were able to successfully overcome their difficulty. Seeing that helped me realize that if they could do it, that means that I can do it as well and if I can do it, that means that you can as well.


 There are many people around the world who have successfully overcome their stuttering and if they can do it that means anyone with a stutter can overcome their stuttering. With the right attitude and belief that you can make a change, you will be one step closer to making it a possibility in your life to overcome stuttering. Your new belief in yourself will start opening doors for you and help you see opportunities to make progress as a speaker.


 Now you’re probably wondering how can you apply this to your life?


 You can accomplish this in two ways. Number one leave a comment and subscribe to our mailing list you will get access to the next post and many more posts and how-to resources, strategies, and tips on how to overcome your stuttering.

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How You Can Accomplish Change In Your Stuttering?

The second thing you can do right now is going to for access to a free five-step course that will help you get more freedom, confidence, and peace of mind around the way you currently stutter.


You can start applying these two things:


 -Identifying and changing your undesirable speaking behaviors,


-Changing your attitude towards stuttering.




 Thank you very much for reading this Behavior And Attitudes Of Stutterers and wishing you great success. Have a blessed day. Thank you.






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