Dealing With Embarrassment And Shame

Dealing With Shame When Stuttering

Today I want to share with you the most important phase of treatment for stutterers Dealing With Embarrassment And Shame. Applying this one phase of treatment can drastically improve your progress and help you gain more confidence, more peace of mind, and more fluency.

If you want to learn how to do this, then keep reading. 

The most important phase of treatment for any stutterer is dealing with embarrassment and shame.

Knowing how to successfully deal with embarrassment and shame would give you newfound freedom and peace of mind around your difficulty. Unfortunately, the majority of stutterers have not dealt with the embarrassment and shame that accompanies their difficulty. 

This is the same reason why my stuttering did not improve for over 20 years. I was too afraid to embarrass myself in front of people, people I knew, and people that I did not know. The anticipation of this embarrassing myself left me in constant fear and anxiety which led to more stuttering. 

This was a perpetuating cycle of shame, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, and stuttering. 

For years, I have avoided certain words and people because of this fear of embarrassing myself when I speak. Therefore, I found several ways to avoid embarrassing myself which ultimately led to more blocking and stuttering as I spoke. This resulted in many embarrassing moments, the one thing I was avoiding and running away from in the first place. 

However, all this changed when I started facing my fear head-on by boldly admitting to people that I stuttered. This was a scary experience every time I admitted that I’m a stutterer. The more I did this, the more I felt at ease when I speak. it gave me more confidence in my voice and helped change my attitude towards my stutter. This simple step transformed the attitude I have towards myself and the way I spoke into something positive that I can embrace and improve. 

As a result, I began speaking with more confidence and ease with no fear or anxiety about embarrassing myself.

Another benefit, from admitting that you are a stutterer is the newfound respect and connection you build with others. My vulnerability with others about my speech difficulty allowed people to be vulnerable with me about their lives, which led to deeper connections and friendships.

You can experience the same benefits by taking this big step outside of yourself and letting people know about your difficulties. You can transform your shame and embarrassment into courage, confidence, and peace of mind by taking this one step. 

Now you’re probably wondering how can you apply this to your life?

You can accomplish this in two ways. 

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Thank you very much for reading, wishing you great success and have a blessed day.