Conference Where Founders of Lifetime Fluency Met

Place Where Founders of Lifetime Fluency Met


In early 2019, Muhamed Sidibeh and Aleksandar Tomic were at Grant Cardone’s 10X Conference in Miami.

The intention of being there was to take their skills, knowledge, and ideas to the next level.
And although the conference was great, it was ultimately what they did outside of the conference in Miami that led them to where we are today & had the biggest impact on their lives…
You see, on the way to the conference, they organized for an Uber to pick them up…
…and very quickly they noticed that the driver had quite a bad Stutter.
Muhamed, himself being an ex-stutterer, was able to make him feel much more comfortable in talking to us by admitting that he used to be a Stutterer…
Muhamed understood the frustration, shame, and embarrassment that came with talking with a Stutter, so it brought about a sense of calm to our driver knowing that he need not feel different or embarrassed.
To cut a long story short, we learned that our Uber driver had sacrificed his dream career of being a lawyer because he was too ashamed and embarrassed about his stutter to ever stand in front of a courtroom and defend a client.
So instead, he is now making a living by driving for Uber.
Not that there’s anything wrong with driving for Uber, but to sacrifice your entire livelihood due to a stutter…
It just didn’t seem right.
Alex and Muhamed got talking…
And Alex learned quite quickly from Muhamed about the effort he had put into figuring out how to overcome his stutter.
All the effort, trial, and error… the mistakes, sweat, tears, anxiety, stress, embarrassment, shame experience.
It was an immense struggle… but eventually, he figured out exactly what 
he needed to do, and then he went out and did it.
After doing some research, they realized that there are approximately 70,000,000 (70 million people) worldwide that struggle with their stutter every single day.
That’s when the two of them had an epiphany. They knew they needed to help these individuals, and they also knew that with their combined skills in I.T., website design, marketing, and content development, they could create a massive impact on the global footprint of Stutterers.
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Lifetime Fluency

That’s how Lifetime Fluency came about. It was created with the purpose of helping stutterers stop stuttering, and giving them the tools and resources to permanently overcome their Stutters and live a life that is by design, not one they are limited to due to their stuttering challenge. 
For those that are interested in exploring this further, we encourage you to start off by downloading this free e-book.
It is a comprehensive workbook designed to fast track your progress and help you stop stuttering.


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