Did You Know That Visualization Is A Technique Used By Many People To Overcome Various Difficulties?

In this post, I want to share a very quick tip with you guys about a simple thing you can do to help yourself overcome the stutter.

If your goal is to overcome your stutter by applying something called visualization, it will actually help you get there. It’s not just for stuttering. Visualization is a technique you can apply across a number of different fields, a number of different goals that you do have, and it’s done every day by the championship-winning players, the best salesman in the world, CEOs, individuals.

To make a reader of the blog post imagine and visualize end of stuttering.

Stop Stuttering Using Visualization

Millions and millions of people apply visualization to their daily lives whether they know it or not. It is basically seeing something long before it happens. If you’d have the goal of making billion dollars, visualizations are basically going through the process of having that money. Going through the process of learning what you need to learn mentally of course on to the process, learning what you need to learn to go through the training you need to go through, the meanings you need to go through, visualizing the entire process until you have that goal in the palm of your hand to achieve that goal.

Visualization Is A Process That Helps You Lose Your Stutter or Stammer

At that point as well while you’re visualizing what you’re also doing is you’re feeling how it feels to have that. You’re paying attention to the sound of the experience, the feeling what your voice sounds like in the case of stuttering. Basically, you’re making it as real as possible.

What you got to realize is, your brain doesn’t realize that there’s a difference between what you make up or what you imagine and what reality is. You cannot distinguish between the two and what visualization also does is it activates something we need within your mind called the reticular activating system RAS. What the RAS does is basically a filter, so it filters out…your body, your brain, your mind will make tens of thousands of decisions per day I think. It’s something like 70 or even 90 thousand decisions a day that you make right. What your brain does in the RAS is it filters out things that are not a priority and are not important to you or not a focus to you.

To explain the visualization to Lifetime Fluency blog readers and help them stop stuttering learning the technique.

Visualization Can Help You Stop Stuttering

If you take for example you’re driving down the road and you’ve taken the same route for the last five years the same destination to school or work what you don’t actually have to think about is driving. What you’re consciously thinking about is something else you might be thinking about on your way home. How much you’re looking forward to going for a swim in the pool and you’re not paying attention to other cars around you but your RAS and what it does is it’ll pay attention to things that are very important. If it is a car in front of you slams their brakes well then you’re gonna wake up as well, and you’re gonna be honed in and focused on what you need to do.

Visualization Can Help Many Aspects Of Your Life

Visualizing puts your focus on your priorities within the realm of your RAS within that vicinity and makes it a priority. In the case of stuttering, if you’ve gone and visualized your day and some of the conversations you’re gonna have that day, you’ve gone ahead and done that, your reticular activating system. When it is time for you to have that conversation even if it’s saying hi to someone mentally you already did that so mentally you really did that, and you did it with confidence and with ease. When the reality comes to your reticular activating system again will focus in on that, and it becomes much easier for you because you’ve really done that mentally and as you visualize and go through the process of successfully speaking without a stutter.

To depict how visualization builds courage and confidence.

Visualization Builds Courage And Confidence

What it also does it helps you build courage and conference in yourself so again like I said your brain can’t distinguish what you’ve imagined and the reality. If you’re telling yourself and if you’re seeing yourself speaking fluently without the stutter you were also convincing your brain that you don’t have a stutter.

Surely enough if you do this over and over and over again and make it as real as possible and as frequently as possible you’ll find yourself reducing your stutter quite substantially without even having to make a conscious effort to think about it. Do some research on your own time and when you’re in merit about visualization, how to go about doing it step by step processes with what you need to do.

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