To make a reader and viewer recall old school medicine and to get the straight modern day answer for the question, is the stuttering curable.

Remember The Old School Medicine?

That’s a great question IS IT POSSIBLE TO CURE MY STUTTER?, but the answer is actually no.

I say that because a stutterer, or a stammer, is not a disease.

It’s not an illness. It is a habit. It’s a bad habit that you’ve lived with for decades.You can’t cure something that’s not a disease or illness.

 If I Can’t Cure My Stutter, What Can I Do?

To show that there is the solution to your stutter no matter how bad the situation.

No Matter How Bad Your Stuttering Is – There Is A Solution

You can learn how to control and reduce your stutter along with the frequency and intensity of it.You can learn how to permanently stop stuttering. Countless thousands of people have done that already.

 My business partner, Muhammad Sidibeh, has done just that.I know for a fact that you can overcome your stuttering, but you can not actually cure it because there’s nothing there to be healed.

Stuttering is not a disease or an illness. It is a bad habit.

 How Can You Stop Stuttering?

To inform the reader and the viewer that there is the solution to their stutter.

There Is A Solution To Your Stutter

There are things you can do, strategies you can learn and implement, techniques you can learn and Implement, even hacks you can take advantage of and apply to help yourself reduce the anxiety that comes along with your stutter; to reduce the fear, reduce the embarrassment and ultimately speak clearly and become a better communicator.

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