That’s a great question, and before I go into more details, I want to pose a question to you…

The blog post is about the question on stuttering and can it be stopped. The image paints five most famous questions.

You Better Know That It Is Possible To Stop Stuttering

What Do These Famous People All Have In Common?

Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Branson, Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods, Ed Sheeran… what do they all have in common?

Yes, we know who they are, and yes we know they’re famous but other than that, what is it about them that they share as a common trait?

The answer to that question is that at some point in their life, they all had a stutter.

They went through the same pain, the same anxiety, the same levels of embarrassment and fear that potentially you’re going through right now.

As you can tell by the way, their careers have progressed tremendously. You can see how they present themselves on the movie screens, TV, radio, etc, and you realize that they don’t stutter anymore.

Showing individuals with stutter that it is possible to stop stuttering through powerful visuals.

Stopping Stuttering Ahead

Taking Action Is Critical If You Want To Stop Stuttering

These famous individuals all had a stutter but they took deliberate action to learn how to stop stuttering. As you can see, their life is where it is right now, and it is stutter-free.

To answer the initial question of this topic – Yes it is possible to overcome your stutter, and in my opinion, not only it is possible for you to overcome your stutter, but it is necessary.

To answer the question on how to stop stuttering I bring up my opinion about what you should do to stop your stutter.

Do You Agree With Me On How To Stop Your Stuttering?

Learning How To Stop Stuttering Is Necessary If You Want To Live Life To The Fullest

In my line of work, I speak to a lot of people who live life with a stuttering challenge, and I know for a fact that their stuttering has stopped them from living life to the fullest.

Their stutter has prohibited them from saying things that they’ve wanted to say to friends, colleagues, and people that they’ve liked or perhaps crushed on.

They have not done certain things in their lives because of the fear, the anxiety and the embarrassment that’s attached with their stuttering and their imperfect speech.

I know that there’s a lot of people out there in the world, millions and millions in fact, that have a stutter and that are not living up to their full potential as a result of having that speech impediment.

So not only is it possible for you to overcome your stutter, but it is also necessary for your future self that you find a way to make it happen. It’s also necessary that you do so for other people sake; your partner, for your family welfare, and your friends’ joy. They all want to see the best version of you.

They want to see what you can become and who you can become!

Imagine guys like Samuel L. Jackson, Julia Roberts or even Ed Sheeran… if they did nothing about their stuttering issues when they had them as teenagers, kids, or young adults…

… If they didn’t do anything about the stuttering challenge they had, do you think they would be who they are today?

I can assure you that you won’t find an actor or actress on a screen, major TV shows or movies, that can’t speak fluently in front of a camera.

Very rarely you might find someone that mimes, but you’re not going to find a lead actor or lead actress that can’t speak fluently in front of the screen.

If they didn’t overcome their stutter, they wouldn’t be the person they are today.

I say that to tie that in with your life…

How Much Will You Miss Out On In Life If You Don’t Learn How To Stop Stuttering?

To describe how your stuttering prevented you from saying and doing certain things.

Did Your Stutter or Stammer Prevented You From Doing and Saying Certain Things?


What are you missing out in your life as a result of your stuttering challenge?

Have you not done certain things that you’ve wanted to do because of your stuttering?

Have you not spoken to specific people or said things to certain people you’ve always wanted to say purely because of the fear and embarrassment attached with your stuttering issue?

Have you perhaps not pursued your dream job or your dream career because of your stuttering?

I assure you, and I’m 100% certain of this, your stuttering has stopped you from doing things or saying things.

It’s time that you take action to do something about that.

How Can LifeTime Fluency Help You Stop Stuttering?

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What these books and videos will do is put you on the right path moving forward.

Initially, you will learn how to reduce your stutter and take control of how you stutter, and importantly,  it will help you build momentum moving forward.

Eventually, you will get to the point where you’re looking back at this moment where you were wondering “Is it possible to stop stuttering?” and you’ll be extremely grateful for having taken action, and how much better you are at speaking… stutter-free.



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