Showing the difference between Yes and No but alluding to a difference between stuttering and stammering.

Do You Know The Difference Between Stutter and Stammer?

Very simply, the answer to that question is technical NO. Only on a technicality though.

Stuttering and Stammering are the same things, except for one element…

What is Stuttering and Stammering?

Both stuttering and stammering refer to the same thing; the involuntary repetition of certain syllables, certain sounds, or specific words.

What is the difference between Stuttering and Stammering?

However, stuttering is the term used for that involuntary speech pattern in countries like Australia and the US.  Stammering, on the other hand, is the term used in countries in Britain and countries within Europe.

To show the difference between stuttering and stammering I used this image were you can see two different pairs of shoes on the same person's feet.

Stuttering vs. Stammering

In practice, there is no real difference between the two – it’s just a matter of geographical preference. If you’re in Australia or the U.S., very likely you will use the word stutter or stuttering, whereas if you’re in Britain or Europe very likely you use the term stammering.

What can you do to reduce your Stuttering/Stammering?

If you do have a stutter if you do have a stammer, be aware that there are things you can do to help yourself control the way you speak more effectively.

In other words, you can help yourself reduce the level of stuttering/stammering.

In effect, that’ll make you a better speaker, a better communicator and it will also reduce some of the anxiety and perhaps the embarrassment you feel when you do speak with the stutter or a stammer.

Individual getting ready to start running the track alluding to taking action for overcoming your stuttering or stammering.

Start Your Journey Towards Becoming Stutter Free


If you’re ready to get started with taking action to reduce your stuttering/ stammering, there’s an abundant amount of online training videos, ebooks, and tutorials that you can access by clicking here.

By taking action, within a short few weeks, you will feel less anxious and less embarrassed when you speak and a lot more confident and courageous in your everyday communications.

In turn, this will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.


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