3 Major Steps To Control Your Stuttering Difficulty
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In this podcast, today, I will walk you through three major steps which if done daily, can help you significantly with your stuttering or stammer.

A first important step towards overcoming your speech difficulty is developing a habit of analyzing the way you currently speak.

The second step would be eliminating all abnormal behaviors you do as a stutterer or stammerer.

Third, and the most crucial step is taking meaningful positive actions to control any obstacles or blocks you currently have as a stutterer.

Can you recall how many times you had difficulty introducing yourself in public?

Introducing myself was the biggest challenge I faced as a stutterer until I started practicing Step 1, which states to analyze the way you currently stutter or stammer.

What I found might surprise you, but also maybe you can relate. During conversations with people, I had a habit of hiding my face and looking away. I did not keep eye contact when talking to people and it was always awkward for me and the person I’m talking to. That is how embarrassed I was when introducing myself to people. It was probably because of the fear of embarrassment.

Have you had a similar experience before?

One of the biggest fears stutterers and stammerers face is the fear of introducing themselves to other people for the first time.
Until I started documenting and analyzing my stutter, I never realized what I was doing. I was hiding, and not living to my full potential. After this realization, I began taking decisive steps to eliminate behaviors around my stuttering which I did not like.

Soon enough, this change in my behavior gave me more confidence and made my communication with others a lot easier. It helped me come across as more trustworthy because I was not embarrassed to look at people in their eyes as we talk.

Will applying these 3 steps help you with your stuttering?

No doubt that it will help you with your stuttering or stammer. Adopting this new habit by applying these same three steps that helped me change my stuttering behavior will transform the way you speak and give you more confidence to help you overcome your stuttering difficulty.

Here are the steps you can take today:

First, analyze your current stuttering behavior.

Second, look at the behaviors that you want to eliminate that are unnecessary or abnormal.

Third, take positive actions towards eliminating unwanted behaviors.

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1. Analyzing your current stuttering behavior.
2. Eliminating anything or any behavior that you do not like.
3. Taking affirmative action towards that particular behavior or block.