Celebrities Who Stutter
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You may or may not know this, but there are countless famous people and celebrities that used to stutter… And some still do!

In this podcast, I will talk about some of the famous people and celebrities who stutter or used to stutter and have since stopped. I will also discuss what you can do about your own stutter if you have one.

While creating this podcast, I had you in the forefront of my mind because odds are, you stutter. More importantly – and this is why you’re watching this video – you want to do something about your stutter!

Statistically speaking, one in a hundred people across the globe struggle with stuttering (or stammering, depending on where you are in the world!).

You might not personally know any people that stutter, but I am sure that you have come across plenty of famous people and celebrities that had struggled with this problem. The key here, however, is that they did something about there Stuttering challenges.

Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts, Emily Blunt, Tim Gunn, Ed Sheeran, Former CEO of GE Jack Welch; modern-day celebrities Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Ronald Akison, and even former vice president Joe Biden…. They ALL had a Stutter!

At some point in their lives, all these individuals had a stutter, and they went out, took action, and they are now stutter-free, living the dream life of many!

One of the quickest ways to succeed in any endeavor in life is to model someone that’s already done what you want to do. This applies in business and finance, for instance, as much as it does with learning how to stop stuttering!

Once you see the proof – that overcoming your stutter is possible – and you see how other people have done so already; I ask you… why can’t you do the same?

To overcome your stuttering, you will need to gain some information about strategies and techniques. The Internet is full of free material you can learn from so I would start there. A most important step would be Taking Action and applying what you learned.

At Lifetime Fluency we have created a number of free ebooks, video training courses, and workbooks which you can access on demand so you can start to learn straight away, and apply what you’ve learned immediately.

There are various techniques we teach to help individuals control and reduce their stuttering. With us, you can learn how to control – and eventually stop – your stutter and not let it be the weight on your shoulders it has been so far in your life.

All the mentioned individuals would not be where they are today if they didn’t decide at some point in their life to take action about their speaking challenge.

You must learn how to do the same and you must learn to stop stuttering.

Once you get a feel for some techniques we teach, and you start speaking clearer without anxiety or fear, you will do whatever is necessary to never revert back to stuttering again!