How Visualization Can Help You Stop Stuttering
overcoming stuttering

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In this podcast that’s focused on learning how to stop stuttering, I discuss the process and technique of visualization as a treatment for controlling your stuttering.

Visualization is the process of imagining and seeing something happen in your mind, long before anything ever happens.

It is used habitually by some of the most successful athletes, businessmen, and leaders in the world.

In fact, millions of people apply visualization to their daily lives without even knowing it.

You have to use it intentionally for it to work in your favor, however.

What you’ve got to realize is that your brain doesn’t realize that there’s a difference between what you imagine and what is real.

Visualization activates something in your mind called the reticular activating system (RAS). What the RAS does is filters out things that are not a priority and are not vital to you; They are not important to your survival or your life.

You know that feeling when you are driving down the road you took many times and you did not pay attention to what was happening around you because you were thinking of something else? During that time, your RAS was working for you, ready to alert you when something unusual or threatening was about to happen.

You condition your RAS by visualizing and focusing on your priorities such as conversations you are going to have that day, how you are going to feel, and what are you going to say, even how you are going to dress. When the time of the meeting or conversation takes place, you will be more ready because you prepared mentally.

Surely enough, if you do this over and over again and make it as real as possible as frequently as possible, you’ll find yourself reducing your stutter quite substantially without even having to make a conscious effort to think about it.