Simple Trick To Reduce Your Stuttering
overcoming stuttering

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This podcast supplements the podcast I created recently about visualization and how visualization can help you reduce and ultimately stop your stuttering.

I will explain how you have already been using visualization, both consciously and subconsciously, in your daily life without even realizing.

Most people stutter because of built-up anxiety and mental blockage in their mind. Many stutterers have a tendency to focus on a negative outcome that’s not yet happened.

They are visualizing the future in a negative light and attracting it to happen.

If you stutter, odds are you can relate to this. So try visualizing yourself speaking fluently in all those situations in which you have not been able to before. Try to visualize yourself speaking confidently and courageously.

Unconsciously, you’re already visualizing yourself having a negative outcome in that conversation so you just flip the switch mentally.

Try to focus on the positive, try to visualize a positive outcome in the conversation, and you’ll see what a tremendous difference it can make to your life.