Why Your Stuttering Is A Blessing In Disguise?
overcoming stuttering

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Firstly, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and sympathize with you due to your stuttering. I understand how frustrated, fearful and anxious you can get when you Stutter.

In this podcast, I will explain how your stuttering is a blessing in disguise. The goal of this is to distract you for a second and make you look at your stuttering with a different perspective.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to hear some of the examples about how and why your stuttering is a blessing in disguise.

My work at Lifetime Fluency gives me the privilege of speaking with and dealing with individuals that stutter (or stammer, depending on what part of the world you’re in).

One common trait they all share is that they are excellent listeners. Is this a trait that you share?

In today’s world, listening skills are extremely important and a powerful tool to have in your arsenal both for personal and professional reasons.

Careful and active listeners bring more value to discussions and communications. Whether or not you realize, being a good listener comes in handy each and every day.

The fact that you stutter or stammer has made you a better listener, but at the same time, it has likely also made you more reserved, rather than a chatterbox.

Chances are you would not be the great listener that you are today if it wasn’t for your stutter.

So in my opinion, this is one positive thing that has come out of your stuttering challenge.

Another good thing about your stuttering is that you likely never mingled with the wrong social crowds and as a result, perhaps you never got into trouble.

Instead, you may have kept a low profile, studied hard, got good grades, went to college, and a good paying job.

Again, this is a good thing that’s originated due to your stuttering.

Think of your stutter as a positive experience.

Negative side effects will not go away until you make the decision to change them and until you take deliberate action. Even a little bit of effort can make you feel better and reduce the pain associated with your stutter. Stay positive!

Try to understand & live by this quote from Ed Mylett, “things don’t happen to you, they happen for you” next time you’re thinking of negatives caused by stuttering.