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Do You Believe In Tricks To Stop Stuttering?

Visualization As A Trick To Stop Stuttering

 I wanted to create one more post really quickly to supplement the post I created earlier about visualization and how visualization can help you reduce and ultimately overcome your stutter. The reason I want to create this post is just to give you a different perspective and what that is basically. If you stutter or have been for a while odds are you have actually applied the technique of VISUALIZATION consciously or subconsciously.

 What You Visualize Is What You Are

 Very often what happens is, people, stutter because they build this anxiety or this mental blockage in their mind about the next words that are going to come out of their mouth, the next sounds that are going to come out of their mouth or what they’re going to sound like by answering that next question.

 That anxiety and the mental build up in their head, that block of limitations and blockages in their head, what it does mean is they are focusing in on a negative outcome that’s not yet happening.

In other words, you’re actually visualizing something negative that’s going to happen, but it’s not happened yet. You are kind of forecasting the future by visualizing the future in a negative light, and what you’re doing basically is attracting that to happen.

Right? So instead of visualizing yourself stuttering the next time you speak to that cute girl, that cute guy, try to visualize yourself speaking fluently to them. Try to visualize yourself speaking confidently and courageously to them rather than negatively and stuttering in front of them.

To make a reader of the blog post imagine and visualize end of stuttering.

Stop Stuttering Using Visualization

Unconsciously you’re visualizing yourself having a negative outcome in that conversation. Just flip the switch. Try to focus on the positive, try to visualize a positive outcome in conversation, and you’ll see what a tremendous difference it can make to your life.

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