See Your Stuttering As A Blessing in Disguise

 A Look At Your Stutter As A Blessing In Disguise

Your stutter is a blessing in disguise. Yes, I said that!

Before you get defensive or before you start questioning what I’m talking about, I do want to acknowledge that I know how much pain, anxiety, stress, and challenges come with stuttering.

I understand all the negatives attached with your stuttering – your speech impediment – but let’s park that to the side for a second.

When I say that your stuttering is a blessing in disguise, what I’m referring to is the positives that have come out of you having a stutter.

Why stuttering is a blessing in disguise?

In my line of work, I get the privilege of speaking to and dealing with a lot of individuals who stutter.

One of the most common traits that they all share is that they are excellent listeners.

In this day and age, being an excellent listener is a rare skill to nurture, and importantly, it’s a powerful tool to have.

Being a good listener allows you to really listen to what someone is saying to you.

It makes them feel more valuable and more important to you.

For instance, if you are in sales, the customer needs to know that you’re listening to them, and not trying to push them into buying something they don’t want or need.

There’s a lot of different scenarios where being a good listener comes in handy.

If you stutter or stammer, it’s likely that you’ve become a little more reserved than the average person, or not as much of a chatterbox as most people can be.

Being a little bit more reserved has resulted in you becoming an excellent listener.

To depict great listening skills developed during suffering from stutter.

Excellent Listening Skills Are A Blessing For Stutterers

I want to ask you a question…

If it wasn’t for your speech impediment or your stutter, would you be the great listener that you are today?

Chances are, you wouldn’t!

That, for example, is just one positive thing that has come out of you having a stutter.

Another scenario could be that because of your stutter, you might not have mixed and mingled in the wrong social crowds.

And because of that you never got involved with the wrong type of social circles… you know, the troublemakers.

As a result, you never got yourself into serious trouble.

You never did the wrong things, but instead, maybe you kept your head down, and you studied hard, got good grades, went to college, and you got a good paying job.

Again, that’s a positive element that comes out of you having a stutter.

To start thinking of your stutter or stammer as a positive thing.

Your Stutter or Stammer Can Be A Positive Thing

Think of your Stuttering as a Positive

Rather than thinking of your stutter as something negative and purely something that you’ve been punished by, start to think of it as a positive experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the negatives aren’t going to disappear until you do something about them. Overcoming your stutter won’t happen until you make the decision to do so, and take deliberate action.

The negatives will certainly always be there, but having a positive outlook on your stutter will reduce the pain associated with your stutter.

Focus on the positives that your stuttering has brought to your life.

Perhaps your stutter was the reason you met your life partner?

Describing the positive things which have happened during your stutter.

Good Things Out Of Your Stutter


Perhaps they were shy and reserved initially, and that’s how you guys managed to connect, and now 10-20 years later you’re still together?

On the flip side if you were very social and a chatterbox, maybe that partner of yours would have been put off by that if he or she were shy or reserved.

Maybe you – as the chatterbox personality and your partner as the reserved personality – would not have connected; but, because you were reserved yourself, and they were reserved too, you were able to connect. And now, 10-20 years later, you’re still together.

So again, that’s a positive.

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you!

Ed Mylett, a mentor of mine, often states that “things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.”

Next time you’re thinking about the negatives in your life caused by your stuttering difficulties, remember that everything in your life happens for you, not to you.

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