To describe our differences when I say that stuttering is selfish.

Are You Selfish?

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to show you a different perspective to how stutterers traditionally think.

So just to give you some context, over the last couple of months, my partner, Muhamed Sidibeh, and I have been doing some extensive research on stuttering.

There was a million and one questions that ran through our mind about what causes stuttering, the cost of stuttering, the impacts of stuttering, how people and why people start stuttering, how you can cure stuttering and a million other questions.

What Did We Discover About Stuttering?

What we realized is that no matter what kind of stutter you have – whether it be a really really tough, challenging stutter that you really struggle with every day, through to a not so bad stutter that you can tolerate living with – there is a way to cure the stutter permanently, or at the very least to reduce that stutter substantially.

Muhamed and I created Lifetime Fluency, an online platform designed to help stutterers just like you overcome their stuttering permanently.

Stutterers Are Not Living Up To Their Potential

Through extensive research, we discovered the fact that every single stutterer that we researched and reviewed, every single person that we spoke to and that didn’t do anything about their stuttering, we knew for a fact that they were not living up to their full potential.

Image describes the analog meter set to zero what relates to all the stutterers who are not doing anything to stop stuttering.

Why You Are Not Living To Your Full Potential?

That’s why I say that having a stutter and not doing anything about it is selfish. The fact that you know that there is something you can do about it but you choose not to, that is selfish.

What it does mean is that the world will never see the best version of you.

Your parents don’t see the best version of you; your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad, your cousin, your uncle, your aunty, your best friend; every single person that ever gets in contact with you directly or indirectly – they will never get to see the best version of you.

The ideas that you have in your head, the solutions to problems, the answers to questions…

Those answers, those ideas, and those solutions will never see the light of day…

So the people that can benefit from them most… won’t.

That’s why I believe having a stutter and not doing anything about it is being selfish.

What Can You Do About Your Stuttering?

There are things you can do…

Strategies and techniques you can learn for FREE…

… And implement every single day to improve the way you communicate to reduce your stutter.

… to make yourself feel more courageous and more confident and to improve the way you speak.

There are so many things you can do. So just do it.

Odds are, you know you’re not living to your full potential. It’s time to change that.

How Much Is Stuttering Costing You?

To depict the monetary loss during a lifetime for one stutter.

Now You Know How Much Your Stutter Is Costing You

Research has also shown that there is an astronomical difference in earnings between people that stutter vs people that don’t stutter.

Specifically, the average difference in lifetime annual earnings is a whopping three hundred and thirty-five thousand US dollars ($335,000).

You might not be driven by money like many people are but even if that doesn’t incentivize you, and you don’t need that money for yourself, a lot of people could do with that money!

You can help a lot of people out with $335,000 and the fact that you’re not going through the struggle today and over the next 12-24 months you can figure out how to improve your stutter and overcome it permanently, that to me is selfish.

Like I said there are things you can do, there are techniques you can implement, there are strategies you can learn, there are new habits you can form. Affirmations, visualizations, free associations, voice inflection, etc.

There are so many things you can do to help yourself overcome your stutter and improve the way you speak, it’s just about you doing it.

Who Will it Benefit Once You Stop Stuttering?

I promise you… Not only will your own life improve, but you will also feel more courageous and confident as a result too.

To explain all the people who will benefit once you stop stuttering.

Think Of Those Who Will Benefit Once You Stop Stuttering

Importantly, those people that you love, those people that you see every day – your family, your friends, your associates or work colleagues, everyone and anyone – they will also benefit because they’ll then start to receive the answers to the questions they did not have earlier, and/or the solutions to the problems they have which otherwise you might not have told them about or advised them of.

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